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Ever been pricked by a cholla cactus? Cholla’s are known for their prickly character but also for the stunning pink flower that bloomed every spring from the same cholla! Visits to the dentist have usually been unpleasant and associated with pain and discomfort. We believe dentistry in the right setting with the right people actually can be a pleasant experience: a beautiful pink bloom instead of a painful spine! Our team is passionate about making Cholla Family Dentistry a place where patients can feel comfortable and have positive experiences in the chair. Our cholla flower logo represents the beauty, life, and health that goes hand-in-hand with quality, comfortable dental care. We don’t focus on the cholla spines here! We focus on the beautiful flower that we feel we can provide you the moment you enter our door.

Our Services,

One of the things we are most proud of here is the myriad of services we provide. From dental implants to dentures, to teeth whitening to veneers, to pediatrics to braces, to root canals to emergency dental care, to Invisalign to traditional braces, to full-mouth rehabilitation to cosmetics. We love having the technology and training that allows us to treat your entire family: from the youngest child to the eldest member, and everyone in between! Your family truly becomes our family! Providing top-notch dental care as well as forming life-long relationships with your entire family is truly our deepest passion!

Cholla Cactus Flower
Cholla Cactus Flower
Cholla Cactus Flower

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