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root canal
A root canal is a procedure that some people need to undergo if there is an infection in the root of a tooth. It’s not as complicated and as painful as it sounds, and what’s important is to understand why you need this treatment in the first place. It’s a routine procedure here at Cholla Family Dentistry. If you experience pain in your tooth, please have it checked out in our office so we can determine the right course of action before the problem gets worse.

When Do You Need a Root Canal Treatment?

The need for a root canal occurs when the pulp inside your tooth has been infected or inflamed. There are many factors that could cause this, and it could range from tooth decay to a cracked tooth and even to gum disease. No matter what the cause is, once your pulp is inflamed you must speak to a trained dental professional before your condition worsens.

A root canal treatment is necessary if you want to save the tooth, and it has to be done as soon as possible. Our dentist will remove the inflamed pulp, clean the inside of the root canal, and fills the space. Your tooth will then be restored with a high-quality dental crown so that it can function normally again.

The Procedure

The root canal procedure is very straightforward, but it’s something that requires more than one visit. Here is what you can expect during your root canal procedure:

  • First, an X-ray is taken to determine if there is indeed an infection in the canal or root.
  • A local anesthetic is applied to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. To help you relax, we also offer sedation dentistry options and comfort aids to reduce any discomfort or anxiety you may experience.
  • To reach the infected pulp, our dentist will then make a small opening at the crown of the affected tooth. With the pulp chamber exposed, the chamber is then cleaned thoroughly by removing the damaged pulp. The space that’s left is then shaped and prepared for filling.
  • Our dentist will fill the root canal, now empty, with a material called gutta-percha. The opening is then closed with adhesive cement or temporary filling.
  • You will have to go back for a second appointment so that the dental crown can be placed over your tooth to complete the restoration.

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Jen B. review
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Jen B.

Dr. Beischel was amazing! Best dentist EVER! I strongly recommend him and the entire practice. He listened to my concerns, made me feel comfortable and explained everything first. They treated my like a was a part of their family. I am sending all my friends, family and co workers to him!

Chelsea M review
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Chelsea M

I make the drive from South Tempe just to go to Cholla Family Dentistry! Dr. Beischel and his staff are not only professional and knowledgable – they are extremely friendly and welcoming. Everyone treats you like family. I would highly recommend Dr. Beischel to anyone looking for a great dentist in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area.

Pat S review
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Pat S.

Always a pleasure – and I have not said that often about a dentist! Having implant surgeries – so well done, only discomfort, not pain afterwards. Very caring and personable.

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